A Designed Tribute

Adega Alba
Castro de Balar 2020
100% Albariño
Rías Baixas DO
Women run winery, hand harvested
Rarís, Teo, Spain
Owners/winemakers: Adega Gonzalo Martinez along with her sister and mom

Glistening yellow-green. There’s pears, apples & grapefruit at the same first whiff along with scents of apricots, white peaches, salt, slate, and mineral creek rocks. Tasting and again there’s apples, pears, grapefruit, tangerine & a bite of seeds from them all. Did you have a mom that said, “don’t chew or swallow the seed, you might grow a tree in your gut”. Well, I didn’t pay any attention because I loved the bitter bite and look Ma no tree. Now there’s a lemony flair and all the citrus has some zest added to it and a glide of a honeysuckle stamen with a bit of smoke and mineral goodness. So purely delightful and this is one special Albariño.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: it’s just still delicious and a little more bright

The figure on the front of this wine really got my curiosity up. Who is this mysterious creature? Turns out it’s Adega Alba’s version of a petroglyph of a Gallic warrior holding a shield and wearing a dagger. Teo is known for petroglyphs throughout their land….such beautiful and at times seemingly mystical designs and depictions. With each new year, the back label graces another of piece of historic art found around their home, “As a tribute and recognition to the land that feeds our wine”. ❤️

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