Historic Passion

Castello di Rubbia
100% Terrano 2013
Carso-Kras DOC
Biodynamic, indigenous yeasts, unfiltered
San Michele del Carso, Gorizia, Friuli, Italy
Owner & winemaker: Nataša Černic

Ruby with a magenta rim. Scents start off with prunes & plums, a tad of an oreo center, cherries, blueberries, raspberries, and bit of licorice, and other herbal alpine delights. Ooh I love this..tasting fresh cherries and a cocktail of raspbluestrawberry, red plums, a smidge of hay, a tangy flair and at times rare meaty feel but it’s not heavy. Also on the back there’s a mineral salt goodness that you would find mixed with a rare bloody steak so yeah, order one! And not to be left off, white and black pepper.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: eh goes all super tart so I vote no

Passion is a word you may think I throw around a lot. I don’t use it as some romance filled lovey-dovey thing, but a very deep and important emotional term. Nataša Černic and her family have exactly that and you can see it in their wines, pursuit to rebuild what war has damaged, and respect & never forget the history of their land, architecture, people, and native grapes. As said on their site, “San Michele del Carso is our place in the Universe” so what better reason for that passion. You can take a tour of the vineyards, local monuments, remnants of battle, the old castle/grounds, and view the marks that history has left, learn from the past, and see where the future will take them. I bet it’s going to be naturally and artistically beautiful.

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