Always Remember, Support & Love

Castello Conti
Spanna 2019
100% Spanna (Nebbiolo)
Colline Novaresi DOC
Alto Piemonte, Italy
Winemakers & sisters: Elena, Anna & Paola Conti (2nd generation)

Lovely bright ruby. Let this bottle breathe and scents emerge of a mix of cherries, plums, mountain herbs with that touch of Ricola, some earthiness, and as it opens orchard blossoms with a toasty or oaky bit, and a whiff of petrol that turns into a dried fruit vibration. First swig and here come dark plums & cherries, herbal bitter bite that smoothes, raspberries & strawberries, and then goes deep and dark again yet isn’t heavy and cycles round & round.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: mmmm juicy and yum

This bottle ended up into my hands last year by chance or maybe providence, through a “UKRAINE 6 PACK” put together by @vinewinenyc and all revenue was donated directly to Jose Andrés’ World Central Kitchen (for me, he is one of the most inspiring people we have in the world today and his energy and giving kindness is never ending). Who would think that it’s almost a year since the war in Ukraine escalated last February into the beast it has become. Some of you know that I have deep feelings about this tragic & devastating war. As we all get bombarded with 24 hour news/entertainment/sports cycles it’s easy to let the magnitude of this war slide out of our minds since it is so far away. My hope is that we all remember those giving their lives for their country, the innocents losing their homes, the brutality inflicted on the citizens tortured & murdered on their native soil, families huddled underground in train stations, and also the resilience of the Ukrainian people. They still need our support whether it be through @wckitchen or or any of the many deserving legit organizations out there. 🇺🇦 Slava Ukraini!

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