Cafe Culture

Vila Abellus
DO Tarragona
100% Cartoixà Vermell (Xarel-lo Vermell)
Catalunya, Spain
Winemaker: René Barbier

Orange freshly polished gleaming copper. Oh this does a delightful dance on your nose…there’s tangerine, orange & citrus blend, a little apricot in the mix too, bees wax with a tad bit of honey, funkalicious moment that airs out & orange blossoms float in, salt, green stripped twigs, and fresh rained on cobblestones or pavers. Sipping and all that citrus again ranging from Valencias to Mandarins back to a lemon zest & more, apricots, honeysuckle, very light white peach with a sliver of crab apple, salty mineral lick, a touch of greenery, and an exhale taste of spring flowers & blossoms w a little fun bitter bite on the back. Btw it’s really good with a mortadella wrapped hotdog (no mustard please).

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: mmmm smooth

When I saw the shelf tag of this wine mention “people hanging out in Barcelona cafes”, I just had to snag this bottle. Yeah, yeah you may think it’s overrun by tourists, but trust me there’s some divine little gems (some hidden & some not just like here in Brooklyn). It’s one of my happy places, and memories of it helped keep me sane during the lockdown. There’s nothing like wandering the streets in December, finding one of those cozy cafes with the heat lamps & blankets so you can enjoy a lovely glass of wine (or beer) outside, people watch, and sometimes like in all the times I’ve gone…you can find a new friend. ❤️

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