We Are Family

Cantina Stroppiana
Dolcetto d’Alba DOC 2017
La Morra, Italy
100% Dolcetto
Winemaking Family: Dario (dad), Stefania (mom), Leonardo (son) and Altea (daughter)

Deep beautiful dark ruby glass. First thing that hits your nose are the cherries, followed by strawberries, which then blueberries appear. This is fruity fun. Oh now comes a spice that is warm…I almost have it…it’s like a tiny pinch of holiday style cinnamon/clove. Nice and smooth. Again with the first sip is cherry, plum that’s deep almost prune but not that dried thing darkness. Next sip and all of a sudden strawberries that turn into blackberries with seeds and all. You know the fresh picked ones that are well worth digging through the bramble and thorns and eating fresh as the juice dribbles down your chin. Those type of blackberries. It’s a wine that you can relax to and it’s true velvet with a little rustic earth. This is couture and not RTW.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: makes it earthy warm and more rustic. I love it this pairing!

Passed down from Dario’s grandfather and his father, Cantina Stroppiana is a full on family affair. Dario learned from his grandfather and then took it a step further with agricultural school, or as he calls it, “the best of both worlds”. Stefania (Dario’s wife) also came from a farming background, but later in life went into nursing and this is how they met. She is now all in working with the vineyard and as she says, “I’ll always be left wondering whether it was me or my vineyards that Dario fell in love with first?!” That makes me smile. Stefania, I’m betting it was you first. Their children also took to different paths. Leonardo went into business communications but knows that it will help with the Cantina. Altea turned to the arts and in particular sculpture (I would love to see some of her creations) and realized her love for the land and is learning and working in all aspects of the winery. Oh, and they both have wines named after them! All of this warms my heart. Family is so important and to be able to work like a well oiled machine altogether is so wonderful. One more thing to add is that they not only cultivate the vines and make their wine, but they also have hazelnuts! Their’s is Tonda Gentile Trilobata which is known as the best hazelnut in the world. Come to think of it, I bet a nice hazelnut cookie would go great with this dolcetto. I think I might have to go dig through the cabinet and find one, pour another glass and turn on some good ol’ happy Sister Sledge – We Are Family

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