Sometimes Older Is Better

Quartomoro di Sardegna
Memorie di Vite 2019
Isola dei Nuraghi IGT
Red Wine
Bovale Grande
Arborea, Sardegna, Italy
Low intervention, Alberello vine-training, indigenous yeast, unfined & unfiltered
Winemaking couple: Piero Cella & Luciana Baso, and their children Alberto & Violante

Stained glass garnet. Oh this smells so good! There’s cherries, plums, prunes, dried cranberries & a warm spice I can’t quite place, just picked berry jumble, fresh rained on granite, and a puff of smoke that turns into cola. Sipping and again cherries & cranberries (both tart & ripe), plums & prunes, and over time a raspbluestrawblackberry mix, smidge of olive pit, and a little coffee on the back with a touch of lovely balsamic reduction. There’s a brightness that’s also bold and just plain happy, and over time grows into a bottled Valentine so take note for next February. Hint, hint…I’d rather have this than a box of chocolates.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: all the cherries & berries joyfully grow

You may have noticed but I love Quartomoro’s wines and have never ever had one that didn’t fill me with the urge to book a plane ticket and visit them in person (I swear I will one of these days). This BVL was a gift from a dear friend, and it introduced me to a new grape to check off my list. I’ve encountered Bovale Sardo but never Bovale Grande, which long ago came to Sardegna via Spaniards. These ungrafted vines were planted back in 1925, and evidently the older the vine the better. Hmmm maybe that will be my new mantra about my life since my birthday is looming in about a month. 🤣 Seriously though, these old vines could only produce this beauty of a wine with the loving care and hard work of Piero & Luciana, their family & their whole team. Cheers to once again bringing the world a bottle of pure pleasure.

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