Pairs With Pina

Bodegas Altos de Montanchez
Vegas Altas Orange 2021
Cayetana 50%, Pardina 50%
Organic & biodynamic
Extremadura, Spain
Winemakers: Juan Sojo and Ángel Luis González

Deep warm orange amber. Breathing in and there’s so much at once! Starts with orange creamsicle, orange blossoms that goes earthy with a light touch of smoke, a bit of caramel, dried apricots, and mandarin oranges & zest. All of the scents are there in the taste with a bit of grass, a spice moment of ginger along with tarragon, and as it warms up apple/pear cider.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: smooth operator

Sounds like these two winemakers were thrown together in oenology school and their blend of specialties in farming (Ángel) and science (Juan) creates a perfect mix in their creation of their wines. Their grapes are sourced but they are really selective and particular about when they are harvested under the moon in September…or in other words just at the right bio time. Not to forget they are the only organic winemakers in Extremadura, and they have an extra ingredient of “patience”. Also I’d like to add about this particular bottle, I don’t normally pair a wine with dance/theater but this goes so well with Pina Bausch. The structure, the romance, the passion and the strength…so damn good. Please check it out alongside a viewing of Wim Wenders 2011, “Pina”.

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