Have Cocktail, Ready to Travel

Dry Fly Distilling
Bloody Mary
“On The Fly”
Made with Dry Fly Vodka and an exclusive blend of spices from Spiceology
8% ABV
Spokane, WA
Founder and Fly-Fisher: Don Poffenroth

Rich tomato with a touch of brown from all the floating spice specks and served on the rocks. Exactly what you want to smell on a Saturday. There’s tangy tomato, hot pepper/sauce, horseradish, and celery salt. It’s a taste explosion! Sweet and tangy tomatoes, hot peppers that grow and grow, horseradish, Worcestershire sauce or something that tastes like it, a little garlic salt and celery salt. I can’t believe this came out of a can, and it is portable. You can crack this baby anywhere. So, my favorite Bloody Mary was made at People’s Republik in Cambridge, MA by Paul. It was like drinking a very hot garden. This makes a darn good stand in since People’s is no more. Wow, seriously my lips are plumping and there’s a good burn in my throat. Why do I only have one can, rats!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: they are made for each other! Brings out more heat!

As it says on Dry Fly’s site, they are farm to bottle. They work with locally sourced products such as with their wheat vodka in this little can, which is grown locally. It also looks like they are expanding and on the move to downtown Spokane in an old newspaper printing facility. All I’m finding is from January 2021, so I’m not sure where they are at this point of the build out, but it sounds like not only will they have a larger place, but also add some jobs while doing it. Now, that’s fab news.

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