🎶She Put Love Above Everything🎶

Azienda Agricola Luretta
Castello di Momeliano
Boccadirosa 2019
Malvasia Aromatica di Candia
Colli Piacentini DOC
Gazzola, Piacenza, Italy
Owner: Lucio Salamini

Orange light amber. At the start smelling a bunch of spring flowers that as it opens goes honeysuckle & roses, vibrant oranges & their blossoms, a blend of dried citrus peels, fresh lime zest, ginger, and oddly a poof of Lemonhead candy right after you open the box. Sipping and it’s just sweet enough with lemons, Valencia and Mandarin oranges, tangerine, ok…don’t laugh but a few Fruity Pebbles, a shake of salt, and a lovely drop of honey. It’s a beautiful start or end to an evening.

Malvasia Aromatica di Candia may have its origins in Greece, but the Salamini family’s is something truly special that is like nothing I have ever tried before. As they say on their site, “Malvasia is often produced in sweet or sparkling versions. But according to Luretta, this traditional method could not exalt all the potentialities of such a rich and intense grape. For this reason, since 1992, we have been producing Boccadirosa, a unique still white wine, which has not been modified for thirty years. Why? No need for change.” Boccadirosa aka Rosemouth, please never change, I beg of you! You are a classic elegant beauty…and as the lyrics go:

“They called her Bocca di rosa
she put love, she put love
they called her Bocca di Rosa
she put love above everything.”


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