Women Powered Wine

Friã Friõ
Vinho Verde D.O.C.
Loureiro, Trajadura and Arinto
Sustainably grown
Sousa, Portugal
Founders: Jocelyn Brent and Lisa Rankin
Winemaker: Joana Santiago

Bright & lively shining yellow-greenish. Taking a breath and there’s green apple, a clean fresh springhouse scent, light grapefruit & even more light tangerines & kumquat, and a dash of wild flowers with a smidge of fresh cut greenery. Sipping green apples and a few others thrown in, lemon/lime squeeze with other citrus blends, orange blossoms, ripe pears, a tiny sizzle/sparkle, and a little bit of that mineral springhouse again. It’s fresh, bright & easy to drink and love.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: whoa even more bright, tart and zingy

Some people call Vinho Verde wines feminine, well with this one they are right, but not for what they might assume. Friã Friõ was founded by women, has an amazing and established woman winemaker, and then there’s “Rose” (mentioned on their site but no last name given) handpicking the grapes & working in the vines. This is girl power or should I say woman power in its best form. Their creations are as they put it, are “made for your blue sky day”…light, refreshing, and full of their love. Just pick up a bottle, sip it, and know you’ve found your summer go to wine. Oh, and it’s even better when shared with friends, so pass me another glass. Cheers!

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Chill It! Chill It Good!

Bojo do Luar
Deu Pinote 2019
Vinho Verde Region
Minho, Portugal
33% Arinto, 33% Alvarelhão, 33% Vinhāo (Wandering where that 1% is)
Organic, spontaneous fermentation with ground chestnut flowers
Project between Savio Soares and winemaker Antonio Sousa

Shining see through deep rosy chilled red. Scents of ripe cherries, plums, and lovely flowers. Delicious raspberries, strawberries, cherry tang, and of all things watermelon Jolly Rancher (my favorite Rancher). It’s juicy, fruity and perfect on this beautiful end of summer afternoon.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Nope…don’t even attempt putting a Cheez-It in your mouth while drinking this wine.

Very intrigued with the use of ground chestnut flowers instead of SO2 for stabilization in this unfiltered wine. I wonder, does it matter which to use, either male or female, or is it a blend of both? Whichever the answer, I’m so glad that Savio Soares and Antonio Sousa saw the potential of working in this manner. Fabulous!

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Familiar Feeling

Quinta da Lixa
Escudo Real
Vinho Verde 2019
Minho, Portugal
35% Loureiro, 35% Arinto, and 30% Trajadura
Sustainable wine with an under $10 price tag
Winemaker: Carlos Teixeira
Note from winemaker: Drink Very Chilled

Very pale delicate gold with tiny little bubbles. The first breath is a bouquet of flowers, apple cider, and something creamy like vanilla, and finally honeysuckle. Here comes the taste of tangerine, lemon, orange (do I get my daily allotment of Vitamin C from this?), tangy herbal and a pinch of spice. There’s that verde bubble sizzle. It’s crisp, fresh and has a beautiful body. Let’s head down to the river with a few in the cooler and strap it in the middle inner tube. Let’s go a floating.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: makes it creamy and have even more body with a hint of lemon

It gives you that familiar feeling of summer that a Vinho Verde should but with more oomph, complexity and just something special. This is now my favorite ever Vinho Verde!

Let’s hit the dance floor with another Familiar Feeling: Moloko. Also for the first time dedicating a post to my S.O. who absolutely loves Vinho Verdes. This wine and song is for you!

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