Always Moving Forward

Antonelli San Marco
Contrario 2015
Umbria Rosso IGT
Montefalco, Italy
Owner: Filippo Antonelli (5th generation)

Deep ruby and just the perfect color that would make a gorgeous ring. Scents float up of deep cherries along with a bowl of strawberries, raspberries & blackberries, a bit of orange rind fresh & singed with a touch of roses so let’s say cassis, and a small bundle of alpine herbs. Sipping and again there’s dark cherries with a holiday orange/peel that take my memories flying of youthful December vacation days filled with freedom, also blackberries (seeds and all), raspberries & strawberries, some deep plums & their skins, and at last a pleasant herbal bite. Delicious!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: darkens and sharpens everything in a very good way

Antonelli San Marco’s lands have quite a long history way before Francesco Antonelli purchased the estate 1883…all the way back to medieval times. Ever since it first became part of the Antonelli family, each generation has constantly worked to turn it into the best it can be and move forward with continued success…from replanting, making “improvements for the tenant farmers’ welfare” (in days long gone), turning to organic in 2009, and now including cooking classes in traditional Umbrian recipes. Just think, you can go visit a historic spot, taste their wines, book an apartment in their “Casale Satriano”, learn some regional dishes, take a dip in the pool or if it’s too cold out just sit by the fireplace, listen to it pop & crackle and enjoy a cozy moment with one of their bottles. Sounds pretty heavenly to me! 🍷

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