A Designed Tribute

Adega Alba
Castro de Balar 2020
100% Albariño
Rías Baixas DO
Women run winery, hand harvested
Rarís, Teo, Spain
Owners/winemakers: Adega Gonzalo Martinez along with her sister and mom

Glistening yellow-green. There’s pears, apples & grapefruit at the same first whiff along with scents of apricots, white peaches, salt, slate, and mineral creek rocks. Tasting and again there’s apples, pears, grapefruit, tangerine & a bite of seeds from them all. Did you have a mom that said, “don’t chew or swallow the seed, you might grow a tree in your gut”. Well, I didn’t pay any attention because I loved the bitter bite and look Ma no tree. Now there’s a lemony flair and all the citrus has some zest added to it and a glide of a honeysuckle stamen with a bit of smoke and mineral goodness. So purely delightful and this is one special Albariño.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: it’s just still delicious and a little more bright

The figure on the front of this wine really got my curiosity up. Who is this mysterious creature? Turns out it’s Adega Alba’s version of a petroglyph of a Gallic warrior holding a shield and wearing a dagger. Teo is known for petroglyphs throughout their land….such beautiful and at times seemingly mystical designs and depictions. With each new year, the back label graces another of piece of historic art found around their home, “As a tribute and recognition to the land that feeds our wine”. ❤️

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Hatched in a Garage

Constantina Sotelo
Pío, Pío 2018
100% Albariño
Natural, minimal intervention, and hand harvested
Cambados, Pontevedra, Galicia, Spain
Winemaker: Constantina Sotelo

Glimmering gold color. First scent that bounces out is Lemonhead candy, and next creeps out orange hint, spring flowers including a butterfly lilac, slate and grows into pear brandy. Sipping and there’s a tart start of citrus blend that heads into apples, pears (fresh and baked), as it blooms there’s honeysuckle delight, salt, baking spice, sweet tarts, and a back end hint of Poire Williams. It’s clean, fresh, delicious and an adventure in a glass.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: meh no

Constantina Sotelo’s small garage micro winery (that wants to stay small), has set out to let the wine speak for themselves, or as is said on the site “Minimal intervention to obtain maximum expression.” They may differ over vintages or even bottles from the same year, but she would rather allow nature to choose the path for the final outcome. Diverse personalities are welcome here as long as they are honest representations of the land, the vines, and grown as hands off as possible. Pío Pío 2018, definitely has a lively and unique personality as you can see from what I previously wrote. The label is adorable, but what’s in the bottle is a distinguished beauty that would easily stand out at an upper crust black tie affair and make everyone do a double take. It honestly rocked my world.

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Four Generations of Hard Work and Passion

Abadía da Cova
A Fuga Viticultura de Montana 2018
Ribeira Sacra (DO)
O Saviñao Lugo Spain
Albariño 61%, Godello 21%, and Treixadura 18% 
Winemaker Nacho Álvarez

Super light straw color. Take a whiff and flowers like spring fruit blossoms appear, then melon, citrus, some smoke, and slate that’s just been rained on. First sip and this has much more depth than I expected. Next there’s melon, smoke, a little citrus, and lovely honeysuckle.

Pairs w Cheez-It’s: brings out a citrus zest zing

Adegas Moure and Abadía da Cova’s history starts back with a single man, Baldomero Moure Pérez. Born in 1892, he wanted more and left A Cova, Spain for Cuba. There he found employment with the railway and a way to save for his future. After his return to Galicia, he settled down with Carmen López Moure, and this led to pave a way toward wine. With her inheritance of land in A Cova and his savings, they continued to buy surrounding farmland, and then lay the foundations for their vineyards, the wines, and their spirits. Through the generations, the winery grew and refined their trade. Now it is the fourth generation (Paloma, José y Adrián) who continue the traditions and passions of the vines and grow forward. Also in 2018, they brought in the acclaimed winemaker Nacho Álvarez.

Before I start traveling, I have to comment on the beautiful and surreal label by the artist Annita Rivera (also know as Plástica). The haunting grape leaves stare back with their singular eyes, and a mini monkey hangs out with the grapes. The flower may be a camellia, but I’m no botanist. I’m also not much of a birder, and had to reach out a friend to see what the two central ones are. I’m told the white one is a Sandhill Crane and one darker one seems to be a Tricolored Heron that the artist took some liberties with. If anyone else has any input on our feathered friends…please let me know.

Let’s head to Lugo. Starting off with the Muralla Romana de Lugo which is a Unesco World Heritage site. These Roman walls are the only ones in the world that are left intact. From what I’m finding, the walls were constructed between 263 and 276 A.D. There is a tale that they were built to protect the “Sacred Forest of Augustus”. Either way, if it was to protect trees or a city from Germanic invaders, they are a beautiful piece of Spain’s history. Inside the walls you will find the Lugo Cathedral. It’s a mix of architectural styles, such as Baroque, Gothic, Neoclassical, and Romanesque. The images of the interior are truly glorious. The Chorus is filled with the incredibly detailed walnut woodwork by Francisco de Moure (17th century). Words do not do it justice, so please do click the link to view. Same goes for the main chapel which is an artwork overload to the senses, and contains paintings by José Terán and Corniellis de Holanda’s altarpiece. One more place I want to stop by is Parque de Rosalía de Castro which is named after the famous poet. Evidently her favorite flower was the camellia which is also the Galician official flower. Camellias were introduced to Galicia in the 1700s by Portuguese sailors, and they are now abundant through the region. Such a beautiful flower that also had another use for the sailors. As they learned from trade in China, the leaves can be dried to make a tea rich in vitamin C, which is perfect for sailors that are trying to ward off scurvy.

Lugo, you are a beautiful and history rich find. I’m so thrilled to have been introduced to you!

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Don’t Forget To Soar

WINE MEMORIES from 5.16.19

Don’t Forget To Soar 2017
Southold Farm + Cellar
White blend
Texas High Plains
Roussanne & a little Albarino

It’s a beautiful straw yellow. Inhale & here comes the melon, salt, smoke, tiny white flowers loveliness, vanilla & a whiff of cola. Sipping now & here comes the melon, some citrus, salt and honeysuckle. I love honeysuckle. Growing up we had a hedge. I’d love to pick the flowers, pull the stamen out & taste the sweet nectar, while steering clear of the bees. My great grandfather was a beekeeper, so we had an abundance of them. They loved all the different flowers our apple orchard had to offer. Such wonderful memories of a simpler time.
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