Making Friends

Aida i Luis
“Girò” Maboi 2020
100% Girò
Alicante DO
Organic, indigenous yeast, dry farmed, hand harvested
Grapes sourced from single vineyard in Sierra de Bernia Natural Park
Xalò, Alicante, Spain
Winemakers: Aida Cisnal Roig & Luis Serra Bernabeu

Stained glass crimson-ruby. Scents pop out of plums, dried cherries, a spritz of perfume that turns into a bouquet of violets, dainty roses, magnolia depth, and after time a roll on the forest floor with some old pine needles. On the tip of my tongue there’s tangy blood orange/lemon/mandarin/lime squeeze & zest, followed by cherries, strawberries, blueberry, a little blackberry, raspberries, and on the back there’s a tingly herby thing like a smidge of eucalyptus/mint and other forest goodness “digging in the dirt” dark depth, and that bit of floral returns on the exhale.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: juicy, tart and floral mmmm

When I first met this bottle, I was greatly intrigued by the costumed fete figures on the label and of course the name. Turns out “Maboi” from what I’m finding, is actually Maori for “come and see” or/and “my friend”. Well, you’ll definitely want to come and see this wine and the beautiful elevated area from where their Girò comes and thrives. Will you make a friend? My bet is yes. Just share a glass with someone and a conversation is bound to bloom. 🍷

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