Glorious Confusion

Swick Wines
The Flood
American White Wine 2021
33% Gewürztraminer, 33% Chardonnay, 22% Pinot Gris, 8% Auxerrois, 4% Riesling
Lacewing, Finnigan Hill, Zenith, & High Pass Vineyards | Columbia Gorge, Chehalem Mountains, Eola-Amity Hills, & Lower Long Tom AVAs
Washington/Oregon blend
Organic, unfined & unfiltered, skin contact, indigenous yeasts, skin contact
Bottled & produced Newborn, OR
Winemaker/Proprietor: Joe Swick

Hazy warm orange delight. Whoa this is fragrant! There’s so many different flowers from all over, sweet pears & apples, orange whiffs with blossoms, mango, pineapple, a little smoke & salt, and right there on the back there’s coconut. Every single scent is right there in the taste and a bit more of a citrus tang. It’s got a tropical cocktail feel with white pepper & salt. A glorious bit of confusion, and as it opens, it’s the orange wine gift that keeps on giving.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: NOPE

Ok, who out there doesn’t love a good Swick. Every time you see that telltale label/font you know you’re going to have something delicious and even surprising at times like with this orange “Flood”. They say the name comes from the “Missoula Floods that shaped the Columbia Gorge and Willamette Valley 10 million years ago”, but in my mind it’s more of the flood or onrush of flavors and nose tickling scents that emerge from each pour. Oh and as it says on the back of the bottle “fbib.”, and sure enough, boy does it ever “bring it”. 🧡

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Intriguing Melody

Cascina I Carpini
Rosato Frizzante Pet Nat NV
Organic, holistic, vegan
Pozzol Groppo, Piedmont, Italy
Founder/winemaker: Paolo Carlo Ghislandi

Late sunset warm red and orange electric with tiny bubbles. It’s like breathing in a glass of fun. There’s a squeeze of blood orange, salt rim, a touch of natural funk that merges to a mineral vibe with depth, and raspberries and strawberries grooving together with white pepper, and as it warms and grows  tiny rose blooms. Those strawberries and raspberries are still dancing but this time on my tongue joined with a little young gooseberry pucker & smidge of lemon spritz spark, and that white pepper pinch again. My lips are tingling from this crisp/vibrant party.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: bleh goes too tangy. Leave it solo.

It’s all about watching, listening, and waiting for Paolo Carlo Ghislandi. Before he even chose where he would establish his winery and vineyards he considered the perfect spot, the right grapes, how to get it to work together naturally, and let it guide the path to wine. His site details his vision & process (and boy is it well designed and beautifully written). Just read this little passage because anything I write will not do it justice to his creative eloquence. “In wine I always look for the fruitiness typical of the single grape varietal and the expression of the territory where is harvested. I imagine the must is the assembly of all the strings inside the grand piano case. Experimenting over the years, I noticed there is big difference in the sound output when the “must” is performed using selected yeast rather than indigenous yeasts. The indigenous yeasts, being heterogeneous and different from each other, are able to play from lower to higher tones with all semitones, providing a melody not immediately recognizable, but more complex and intriguing. And that’s why I choose to use only indigenous yeasts and spontaneous fermentations.”

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Finally Found!

Chateau Le Payral
Bergerac Blanc 2021
Appellation Bergerac Contrôlée
50% Sauvignon Blanc, 30% Sémillon, 20% Muscadelle
Organic, biodynamic (Demeter), green fertilizer, indigenous yeasts, and a lot of love
Razac-de-Saussignac, Bergerac, Dordogne, France
Owners and winemakers: Isabelle & Thierry Daulhiac

Pale golden starlight with green shimmers. Sniffing lemon/lime squeeze & zest, young green apples, a small whiff of that green lightly musky honeydew, and an oregano/tarragon shake as it warms up. First sip and it’s crisp and fresh. Tasting crunchy green apple bite including the skin, zingy lemon/lime, a garden herbal bouquet twinge, and a lick of limestone. It’s dry, clean and light on its feet, and makes me think of a bright spring day.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: mmm good. Kind of kicks everything up a notch

Finally found Bergerac wines in NYC (thank you @all_things_food_nyc)! As some of you know, I am a huge fan of Martin Walker, and have been on the hunt for wines from his neck of the woods (and I’m still excitedly seeking more). His “Bruno Chief of Police” series is what got me hooked. If you haven’t read them yet, I highly recommend you do and get drawn into a world of food, wine, police work, great character development, an appreciation for the small moments in life, and genuine friendship. Each book lures me even further into his fictional St. Denis, but with Chateau Le Payral, I’m able to taste what truly exists. Running out of space so will be investigating them more with their Bergerac Rouge 2020. Cheers!

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So Easy To Love

Mad Med
Le Rouge 2021
Dry Red Wine
Grenache Noir 50%, Carignan 10%, Vermentino 40%
Organic (working on certification), native yeast, unfiltered
Provence, France
Grapes selected, vinified, aged & canned by Harry et Max

Please chill before popping this can. I know it’s sometimes hard to wait, but trust me it’ll be sooo good. Pomegranate cranberry stained glass. At first there’s a butter glazed whiff that fades. Scents then emerge of strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, cranberry, dark cherry, and yummy brioche. Sipping and here’s a cocktail of all those berries & cherry with a granite zing. It’s a fun bunch of juicy and dry all at the same time. Throw it in the cooler and crack it out on a mountain trail while checking out the turning leaves.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: refreshing and deeper

Ok Mad Med, once again you have really surprised me on how good a wine in a can, can be. This red & white grape blend (vin gris?) rocks my world. You make it so easy to love you, and so easy to take you anywhere…well, anywhere that is legal. Still awaiting word on if you’re related to my favorite “party pig” #bobsinglar  Also take note this can is kind of like the Tardis, and you may consume more wine than you realize, so beware of 🍷 goggles.

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Sipping Cider Through A Straw

Eden Ciders
Harvest Cider Cans
Brut Rosé
15 Heirloom apple varieties infused with red currant juice (from Eden Orchards, Scott Farm, Sunrise Orchards, Windfall Orchard)
Focused on supporting local orchards, sustainably grown
Newport, Vermont
Founders & Co-owners: Eleanor & Albert Leger

Crack the can and it’s a rosy orange sunset blend with teeny bubbles. Breathing in all sorts of smooth & crisp apples smashed with red currants , and as it opens apple blossoms breeze in. Sip and whoo! It’s a mix of those apples again but with a tart and sweet fun pucker up, red currants, a splash of cranberry, and a sizzle on the back of my tongue. This is like a fast tingly stolen kiss saying farewell to summer.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: oh yeah, makes it sweeter and a little spicy

This bright little can has given me a little gift of an old tune stuck in my head. It’s really catchy so play at your own risk. Also be forewarned and be careful who you find yourself with sipping through a straw. You might end up with a lot more than just that smooch. 🍏💋🍎

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Nature’s Gifts

Domaine Marc Portaz
Tête de Cuvée 2020
Vin de Savoie ‘Apremont’
100% Jacquère
hand harvest, indigenous yeasts
Apremont, Savoie (AOC), France
Winemaker: Jean-Marc Portaz

Light golden shining beacon. Breathing in bit of lemon-lime creme pie and spritz, round flintiness as it opens, and a smidge of tarragon. Now onto the taste and there’s honeysuckle, lemon/lime spark and a bit of key lime, pear, a limestone lick, pinch of white pepper, and a little of that bit of tarragon again (hey its been in my csa box a lot lately so we’ve become close friends).

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: smoooooth

When I was a kid, during summer vacation from school, dad would pack up our station wagon and drive us across country and through Canada. He wanted me to see nature in all it’s beauty and power. I was fascinated by the glaciers we saw, their history, and what may be in and under them. Portaz’s vines in their ‘Apremont’  vineyards were born from an avalanche and the soil fed from what it left behind (debris from glaciers and limestone bits). Gives me a nostalgic warm feeling knowing I’m drinking a creation formed from that icy natural history that still fills my heart and brain with awe, and reminds me how grateful I am to have a father that cared enough to show me how beautiful and powerful nature can be.

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Oh Those Dancing Bubbles

(produced and bottled by Bodegas Sumarroca)
Cava Brut
Parellada 41%. Xarel·lo 27%, Macaque 23%, Chardonnay 9%
Sustainable, estate bottled, family run
Subirats, Alt Penedès, Catalonia, Spain

Cool straw with bouncing bubbles. Smells crisp all around of apple, pineapple (smidge), and citrus blend, with wet granite, and a tiny crumb of buttery brioche. First sip and it is so ALIVE! Again crisp, green and red delicious apples that wake up your cheeks, a squeeze of lemon and zest, and a lick of mineral rocky seltzer. Just so bright and refreshing.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: pretty good. Kind of like how cheddar and apples meld

One of my favorite things in the whole wide world is to kick back with a glass of cava. In fact, it’s a ritual of mine in the evening. There’s just something about all those dancing bubbles of a good crisp pour that takes my mind well…on vacation. It gives me that same feeling as the first day we’ve set down in Spain and are about to start a new adventure. It’s the simple things that sometimes awaken the best memories. ✈️🥂❤️

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Nature’s Gardeners

Domaine Philémon
‘Croix d’Azal’ 2020
100% Braucol
Gaillac AOC
Organic, hand harvested,
Villeneuve-sur-Vère, France
Winemakers, growers & owners: Mathieu et Stéphanie Vieules

Deep purple with maroon rim (boy isn’t that fit to be a band name). Scents of earthy cherry & plum, blackberries, raspberries, dried blueberries, teeny hint of shiitake, and back whiff of an herbal tangle with a pinch of licorice. Oh this is delicious! Tasting plums, cherries (and after a while cherry hard candy but not super sweet), raspberries & blueberry jamming in tune together with some earth, and a touch of anise. Not too heavy not too light…it’s just right (ok it’s medium). Oh and I totally should have started with this but better late than never: keep it at good ol’ cellar temp.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Savory

While on the search for wines from Bergerac, I wandered upon Domaine Philémon’s “Braucol”. They’re in southwestern France, around a 3 hour drive outside of my goal, but what a happy surprise for me. Mathieu (who also inherited the Philémon name passed down from his great-grandfather) reshaped and created the Domaine in 2003; and focused on only working with indigenous grapes and some are even old and “forgotten”. As you can expect, I’m getting all romantic about grape rescues, but there’s even more. Over the years he also took the farm and lands and vines to the organic side. There’s grains, lentils, even truffle oaks and as of 2020, they’re kept trimmed and groomed by the old hardy breed of sheep, “Solognote”. From what I’m reading they are very protective mamas, so it’s best not to get in between them and their babies. You might get a headbutt from nature’s gardeners. 🐑 🍷

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Easy As A Beer

Rosé Frizzante (Pet Nat)
Raboso, Marzemina, Corbinella, and Turchetta
Organic, indigenous grapes, hand picked
Indigenous grapes are from an area between Asolo and Valdobbiadene, Italy

Pinky orange rhubarb pale with dainty white bubbles. Breathing in bouncing strawberries, raspberries, and a cherry-vanilla creaminess (frosting). I can already tell this is going to be a splash of fun. Sipping cherrstrawraspberapplernilla cocktail with a little creme de cassis, salty seltzer, some fresh and oh so crisp tiny bit of rhubarb. This is a bottle to pop for your party.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Sharpens everything

When I saw this bottle I knew I was going to be in for a bit of fun, and from what I’m reading about the young team creating this beautiful bubbles so are they. Their story all started with a wonderment for natural wine and a love for craft beers. Their own words sum it all up, “We are young but we know what we want. We produce a good quality wine in a sustainable way. We respect our land, we respect life and the future generations. We will leave a better world after ourselves. We don’t stick to rules and we don’t perceive limits while producing our wines. We are convinced that wine should always be drinkable and pleasing for anyone, easy as a beer.” Now doesn’t that make you want to give them a try? Makes me want to head back to the store for another bottle. Cheers!

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Tout Est Art

Château de Jau
Le Jaja de Jau
IGP Côtes de Gascogne
100% Sauvignon
Organic, HVE 3, beekeeping, & 2 of my fave ways to deter pests: “sexual confusion” & nesting boxes for birds & bats
Cases-de-Pène, France
Jean et Bernard Dauré & now Simon (Bernard’s son)

Shimmering starlight with a touch of super light green. Sniff and a friendly grapefruit waves hi, next up is a swirl of lemon, lime, and orange along with yellow plums, peaches, and a honeysuckle breeze. Sip and here’s that grapefruit again with lemons, limes, gooseberries (I only encountered them in person & fresh over the past 10 years and that was quite a surprise), a very green crisp apple bite with a bit of not overpowering peach and mango thrown in that all of a sudden you realize hey there’s bell pepper in here. Theres also a mineral lick of a rock. It’s bright and has me craving jamón croquettes.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: nice but doesn’t rock my boat

Little did I expect this bottle to introduce me to such a long history (since 12th century) filled with monks, pirates, wine, and a silkworm farm. After an assortment of previous owners, Château de Jau is now a part of the Dauré family. They embraced everything about the property, what lives and grows there, and the creative spark that has been ignited within their walls. Actually, remember that silkworm farm…since the 70s they turned it into an exhibition space of some quite renowned contemporary artists and also workshops for budding ones. Even their “La Jaja de Jau” labels have the handiwork (literally) of Ben (Vautier). As his painting says, “Tout est art.” 🍷

Oh and side note, there is something about this artistically magical place that makes me think Wes Anderson.

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